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The web-site is an initative by the union of Gallou apartment owners.
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Gallou Village
General Information

The village of Gallou is found south-west of the city of Rethymno and abstains around 3,5 km from the city. It has been declared 'traditional settlement' in 1995. The settlement is surrounded by wild vegetation all seasons of the year. The beauty of the landscape is unique with floration, colours and perfumes in a unique combination.

In the region you will find 

Athletic installations, football ground, municipal tennis grounds, taverns with traditional Cretan cuisine, super market, internet café, etc. During your stay at Gallou you can take walks in Galliano gorge in the church of Saint Antonios, as well as in the oak tree forest.


In the region the university Crete is located. It is  one of the few educational institutions of Greece that are surrounded by forest. In the privately-owned space of the university exists an appreciable area of an ancient ecosystem.

Built-up growth

Today in Gallou there are many new apartments for renting with all comforts. The region is preferred for stay by the majorty of  the educational community.


Location - Interactive Map
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Transport Information
KTEL Bus service: Rethymno-Chania: Tel:2831022212

Connection with the rest of Greece and Abroad:
By airplane:
Olympic Airways: 28310 24333
AEGEAN Airlines: 21062 61000

By Boat:
Α.Ν.Ε.Κ Lines.: 28310 55518
ΜΙΝΟΑΝ Lines : 21041 45700

Origins of the Name 'Gallou'

From where and when the name "Gallou" was originated is not absolutely ascertained, and there are various posibilities. One of them it states that the name "Gallou" was emanated from Gallo Philhellenist of major Balestra, which in 14 - 26 April 1822 it took part in a battle that took place in the region between rebels of Crete and Turks and was killed. He was buried in the village, and thus the village took the name of his origin. However this version is not valid as the name "Gallou" is much older than Balestra.

The Residents
It is known and has been recorded in the history that the Gallou Residents "Gallianoi" were not absent from any national invitation card of homeland on freedom from the occasionally conquerors. This village, even if small, it gave birth  to important persons, appreciable individuals that were distinguished in the arts and culture.
Temples and Monasteries
  • Cathedral temple Virgin Mary of French.
  • Saint George of 18th cent.
  • Saint Loukas, beginnings of 19th cent.
  • Saint Antonios, beginnings of 19th cent.
  • Saint Charalampos.
  • Abbey of Saint Pavlos of 16th cent.
The Oak Tree Forest
The value of this particular forest is acquaintance from the antiquity, as the oaks were considered by the ancestors our holy trees, and no unfairly as this was supported by the life of generations and generations  of Gallou Residents. Today  they oak trees cannot mark the standard of living of the residents, however they signal the beauty of  the village while they create a landscape of inexperienced natural beauties and a environmental oasis of green.

The City of Rethymno
Rethymno is built in the beach of the Cretan sea. It has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches, which is the biggest in Crete, with extent of 18 kilometres. It is the third in population city of Crete and constitutes an administrative, commercial and transport centre of the region. Today Rethymno follows a rythm of a developing city, and cinstitutes a tourist pole of attraction for visitors during summertime.
The old city combines elements of Venetian and Ottoman architecture with very interesting graphic alleys, minarets, the Venetian harbour and the fortress [Fortetza], built in 1573 and a lot of other sights that worth a visit.
For more information visit the official web page of the Municipality of Rethymno: